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Put your passion to work and let us help you find a perfect match for your next career company! 

Are you tired of looking at the job boards, submitting applications and feeling like you are in a black hole and not getting an opportunity to shine or talk to the decision maker? 


Let Windrose Staffing help you with your search process.  We are qualified recruiting professionals that understands recruiting, the hiring processes and the construction industry. 

Let's schedule a time to talk about career goals, your talents, what type of company you are seeking. 

As a candidate, you will not have any placement fees,  just results. 

Let the professionals at Windrose Staffing be part of your direction to success. 

Want to work with the best?
We can't wait to help 
you get started!

Just a few benefits to working with Windrose Staffing as your Placement Partner (also known as a Recruiter):

  • We know & understand the construction staffing industry from working internally with large and growing heavy civil companies

  • It is not just about finding you a "job", we want to help you find a career company

  • Windrose strives to lessen your frustration in the career search. We have the contacts, the tools and the experience to help bridge the communication gap

  • Having Windrose Staffing in your corner will save you time. Knowing the construction industry, the companies hiring and the hot positions that need to be filled with career experiences like yours 

  • Our goal is to find professionals, like you, to match with the right partner companies and see you grow

  • Windrose Staffing will help to guide you through the full cycle hiring process

  • We have a huge network of companies and professional contacts

  • Windrose Staffing does the upfront effort to help find matching companies  and position(s) for you. 

  • We have the relationships to know what openings need to be filled by top companies-sometimes even when they are not advertised

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